USADF Grantees

UDET has since inception developed and sourced funding for and provided technical assistance to a variety of projects carrying out economic activities in various sectors. The overall results of these projects included increased productivity and efficiency, increased revenues and employment opportunities as well as improved livelihoods for all beneficiaries. Below are some of the sectors that UDET has supported:

    1. Micro-finance
    2. Lime stone mining
    3. Vanilla growing and processing
    4. Wall coatings
    5. Essential Oils processing
    6. Fresh Fruit Juice processing
    7. Fish Processing and export
    8. Sustainable Agriculture
    9. Clonal coffe production
    10. Trade in Hides and Skins
    11. Livestock and Animal Feeds production
    12. Tea Growing and processing
    13. Transport Services
    14. Production of cotton Ginning parts
    15. Production of Agricultural Tools and Implements
    16. Garbage Re-cycling
    17. Metal fabrication Works
    18. Food Processing
    19. Production of Daals and Spices
    20. Diary Farming and Bio-gas production
    21. Water Resource Management and Irrigation Schemes
    22. Natural Resource and Environment Management