Our Services

We are Grant Management Specialists as well as Business and Enterprise Development Service providers. We specifically provide the following services.


Project Design


  • Work with clients to analyze the financial, technical, management, and environmental feasibility of their business ideas.
  • Conduct financial assessments to determine the soundness and reliability of clients’ financial systems.
  • Undertake Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) and Poverty Probability Index (PPI) surveys on behalf of our clients.
  • Prepare detailed business proposals for clients.
  • Develop business targets and budgets for clients.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence for and on clients.

Grant Management and Support


  • Assist Clients to develop project implementation plans.
  • Support and guide Clients to achieve their performance targets.
  • Provide technical support to meet quality requirements, acquire national and international certifications, undertake marketing studies, and develop appropriate costing and pricing of their products.
  • Assist clients in sourcing and/or identifying technical assistance (TA’s) and appropriate production technologies.
  • Provide internal audit services to and for clients.
  • Prepare Clients for External Audits.
  • Monitor the use of donor funds and resources.
  • Advice and support in improving financial systems.
  • Facilitate training in financial management, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Link our clients with other organizations with similar interests, such as market outlets, capacity-building providers, and other funders.
  • Assist clients to develop administrative, financial, production, governance, and production systems.

Monitoring and evaluation


  • Assist clients to prepare periodic and end of project reports.
  • Visit project sites to verify that clients are maintaining sound financial management practices.
  • Undertake bi-annual portfolio reviews for clients to evaluate their performance.

UDET has managed and provided BDS to more than 300 grants in the past 20 years. These institutions are mainly cooperatives, privately owned SMEs, and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).