Who we are

Uganda Development Trust (UDET) manages grants on behalf of donors and provides Business Development Services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) to meet their business goals. We offer these solutions in a variety of ways, all of which are facilitative; consensus building, and use bottom-up approaches.

Mission Statement

“Fostering sustainable social and economic development of its clients, thus, NGOs, CBOs, SMEs and grassroots community through participatory development methodologies.”

Our Theory of Change:

Our work is strengthened by a series of interrelated propositions which guide us in the delivery of the much-needed solutions to our clients. These propositions are based on our knowledge, assumptions, and beliefs about how and why our interventions are expected to trigger economic growth and development among our clients. There are various pathways to spur SMEs’ and FBOs’ business competitiveness, hence improved profitability. UDET’s theory of economic development and prosperity of its clients is hinged on key development elements which include.

  • Developing sound business proposals.
  • Ensuring effective implementation of projects.
  • Facilitating clients’ skills and resources’ acquisition.
  • Enhancing efficiency and profitability.
  • Increasing the utilization of local resources and value-addition.
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Establishment strategic linkages with national and local governments as well as other donor agencies.

Our objectives

  • Manage donor funds efficiently to ensure that grants are used for the intended purposes while ensuring full funds’  accountability;
  • Promote micro and small enterprise development that generate income and employment opportunities for small-scale entrepreneurs (traders and farmers).
  • Establish strategic partnerships with national and local governments, donor agencies and the local private sector to support sustainable grassroots development.
  • Provide technical assistance so as to build capacity of small-scale entrepreneurs.

Our value proposition

  • Our project conceptualization experience: we assist clients to transform their ideas into simple, viable  and bankable business proposals .
  • Our grant management capability: we ensure that projects are well executed to realize value-for-money. We therefore assist  grant recipients  to implement projects in line with the approved proposals and with full accountability of the resources extended to the grantees.
  • Our vast experience in imparting skills and knowledge: we impart skills and knowledge to ensure that  the funded projects are sustainable and achieve their objectives.
  • Our strategic partnerships and networks with key stakeholders: we link our clients to different service providers, donors, financiers, and stakeholders.
  • Excellent customer service: we create a special relationship with our  clients to facilitate adult learning and mentorship.